Sober Roots
Monica Smith
Published 16/01/2023 - 4 months ago
St. Petersburg

Sober Roots is about helping its customer have a lifestyle with confidence in the way they look and feel. I know what it is like to hide behind a wig, a hat, or the walls of your home because your appearance does not match who you are inside anymore. I lost a lot of my hair because of having to go through six months of chemotherapy after finding out I had colon cancer. I wanted to strengthen my hair, but the challenge was finding products that would not cause more damage.

That is when inspiration struck, I created my own product that’s natural. Sober Roots is an alcohol and chemical-free, leave-in conditioner made with organic ingredients and essential oils to help hydrate, strengthen and repair the hair. Sober Roots’ natural oils penetrate deep to revive weary, chemically damaged hair. Each deliberate ingredient lends its bountiful properties to promote nourishment in the scalp and hair.