Food Trucks & Trailers

Food Vendor Requirements

Event Registration / Applications

Our website allows any vendor to directly register for any event. You will receive a confirmation email along with a receipt for your purchase immediately after, if you do not, please first check your junk folders and then contact us via the support center.

All events are first-come, first-served. Please contact us with questions before registering as these purchases are non-refundable. The cost depends on the category and will always be listed on the event page.

If a ticket category is sold out, it means we are not accepting vendors, please do not attempt to circumvent these restrictions by registering under another category.

Setup Times

Generally, setup time is 2 hours BEFORE the event start time with a 1-hour gap. Ex: If the event time starts at 12, setup would be 9-11.

Visit the help page of your event in the support center for exact specific times.

Booth Setup

We do not provide ANY items for your booth. This includes electricity, water, furniture, and tents.

Vendor Meetings

There is an online meeting emailed to all attendees the week of the event. This is your last chance to ask questions before your event date. These meetings go over parking, setup, any special requirements, and are mandatory for your success at the Shoppes.

Insurance / Permits / Licensing

All food truck/trailer vendors are required to hold appropriate legal permits for operating a mobile food truck. This includes a mobile food vendor permit and commercial insurance.

Some cities, including Clearwater, require a separate inspection sticker to operate, you are required to meet this qualification in order to vend in these cities.

Fire Extinguishers & Generators

  • Minimum 2A:10BC for vehicle
    Class K Extinguisher for any cooking that uses or produces grease
  • Portable generators shall be positioned so that the exhaust is at least 5 ft (1.5 m) in any direction away from any openings, air intakes, means of egress, or from any building, structure, or vehicle.

Gas Systems

  • Cylinders shall be secured in an upright position to prevent tipping over.
  • Where a shutoff valve is provided, it shall be readily accessible and identified with a sign permanently affixed to the vehicle in reflective decal material with letters a minimum of 2 in. (50 mm) high.
  • Gas systems on mobile food service vehicles shall be certified for compliance with NFPA 58 by an approved company with expertise in the installation, inspection, and maintenance of LP-Gas systems.
  • Mobile food service vehicles equipped with an LPGas system, but without a current approved LP-Gas certification, shall not be permitted to be operated for mobile foodservice.
    LP-Gas fuel containers used on passenger carrying vehicles shall not exceed 200 gal (0.8 m3) aggregate water capacity.

General Precautions

  •  All fat fryers shall have a lid over the oil vat that can be secured to prevent the spillage of cooking oil during transit. This lid shall be secured at all times when the vehicle is in motion.
  • Deep fat fryers, fry-o-lators, or other appliances having combustible liquids heated by LP Gas, solid fuels, or electricity shall be protected by an approved hood fire suppression system or other approved means of extinguishment in the event of fire.

Saturday Shoppe Success

The Vendor Signup Process


Register directly on our website. Be sure to view our support center and contact us with questions before purchasing.

Vendor Meeting

The night before the event date. Mandatory for all vendors as information is vitally important.

Event Date

The day of the event it’s time to bring your A-game! Good luck!


Our Track Record

With over 50 events over the last 2 years, The Shoppes has helped hundreds of small businesses grow beyond belief.

We welcome you to come to one of our events to see for yourself.

Business Academy

We have a 6 week program available to all vendors to assist in their growth.

Vendor Directory

Our free directory service assists those customers looking for “that booth” after an event.

Stellar Support

We are here for our vendors every step of their journey.

Start Today

Always Accepting New Vendors

New events are added every month so we highly encourage all vendors to follow us on social media to know exactly when to sign up!

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